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A four-piece, emotive indie rock band led by pianist Joseph Hitchcock, whose lyrics weave together themes of mythology, ancient civilizations and common heartbreak. After a period of performing under a different name, Hitchcock settled on the act's final identity and spent a turbulent year in and out of various studios before releasing a debut, By Ghosts, a collection of songs Hitchcock claims were given to him by a haunted piano. Within one month of its release, By Ghosts had already been added to the libraries and playlists of more than one hundred fifteen college and independent radio stations nationwide.

Altitude Recap 

I had a great time debuting "Altitude" at this month's travel-themed All You Need To Know Show. Thanks to The Artist's Laboratory Theatre for having me, and everyone who attended in person or watched online!

Dreamweaver Live Video 

Back in March, we had the honor of stopping by The All You Need To Know Show to perform a song I wrote for their Sleep episode. It's called Dreamweaver, and it's about doomed love and shared consciousness. Check it out!

Long Day in the Fields 

Attire for playing Scales on Skin doesn't get any more appropriate than this. 

Come see us tomorrow night at The Smoke & Barrel Tavern, opening for Tulsa band The Fairweather!

Opening for The Fairweather 

Who could say no to a free show featuring both Paper Anthem AND, all the way from Tulsa, headliners The Fairweather? This will be the last Paper Anthem show in Fayetteville for quite a while, so I really hope to see you there!

Recording Begins 

Producer/engineer Chris Daddio of Donut Time Audio tracks bass on the song 21st Season.

Chris and drummer Tony Sales listen back to a take.

Recording guitar with a '67 Harmony Bobkat.

A selfie.Joseph records vocals for the song Pastime.

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