1. Sign Language

From the recording Sign Language


I'll guide your hand, I'll guide your hand
I'll be one you always said you'd be on your own

You'll hide your smile, you'll hide your frown
You'll hide your happiness in your skull where no one will see what you are

It's a pyramid scheme, this love
We were on the same page but your ink's gotten thin
I tried to play nice but I know far too much
I used to know you but you've lost my trust for good

I'll push you out of my head, I'll push you out of my bed
Cause this has always been my space after all

But it's not your fault, like it's not my fault
We were bred to be this way

You're a poisonous one with your teeth biting down
And I've lost enough blood for my head to float away
It'll be a new star in the planetarium you've grown
When the energy caps it'll burn everything you know